Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Pan Global Resources, we recognize the critical importance of sustainability in today's world. As a mining company with operations focused on exploring for copper, tin, silver, and gold in Spain with projects in the provinces of Cordoba, Sevilla, and Huelva, we are dedicated to conducting our activities responsibly and with attention to our communities and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability extends across all aspects of our operations, including community investment, historical preservation, environmental protection, water quality and use, air quality, and land reclamation. 

At Pan Global Resources, sustainability is a fundamental part of our daily business. Our commitment to responsible exploration for copper, tin, silver, and gold in Southern Spain encompasses community investment, historical preservation, environmental protection, responsible water and air management, and adherence to global and EU commitments. We understand that responsible mining is not only essential for our business but also for the well-being of the communities and environments in which we operate. Through our unwavering dedication to sustainability, we aim to leave a positive legacy that lasts for generations to come.

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Copper as a Key Element for the Green Economy 

Copper, one of the primary minerals we target for exploration, holds a special significance in the European Union. The EU has recognized the importance of copper as a critical raw material and announced in March 2023 that copper would be included as one of 34 materials designated under the Raw Materials Act. 

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The inclusion of copper on the Critical Minerals and Metals List is expected to provide direct benefit to Pan Global’s Escacena copper project in Spain’s Iberian Pyrite Belt. The Iberian Pyrite Belt is one of the most important mineral provinces in Europe and arguably the most significant Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide mining district for copper and other metals globally. The EU's announcement underscores the importance of Pan Global’s copper project, which has the potential to supply the EU with a reliable source of this essential metal. In a recent study conducted by the European Commission, it was reported that the EU imports 48% of its current copper requirements, the majority of which derives from Chilean exploration and extraction and from Chinese processing facilities. 
Moreover, the EU's emphasis on responsible and sustainable sourcing of critical minerals is expected to drive improvements in environmental, social, and governance practices within the copper industry. This will benefit not only the EU but also the global community by reducing the environmental impact of mining and promoting fair labour practices.


Community Investment: Fostering a Positive Impact
Historical Preservation: Preserving the Rich Cultural Heritage
Environmental Protection
Water Quality and Use: Responsible Stewardship
Air Quality: Protecting Human Health and the Environment
Governance: Upholding Transparency, Ethics, and Efficiency
Transparency: Openness as a Guiding Principle
Ethical Behavior: The Foundation of Our Actions
Efficiency and Prudent Use of Shareholder Funds: Maximizing Value
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